In Memory Camsi came to us when she was in her late teens.  We thought since she had no offspring to carry on, we would try and see if she could possibly produce one foal.  After trying a couple years, we decided it wasn’t meant to be.  Even though she never gave us a foal, she gave us many other things.  She was a terrific babysitter; she would help teach weanlings to respect people.  She was a strict, but loving teacher.  She had the respect of every horse on the farm- she wasn’t the largest or the fastest, but she was queen.  She was absolute in her leadership, but I never saw a moment of aggression toward a human; she was very respectful.  She always tried to do what she thought you wanted of her.  When things were not going well, you knew you could always cry in her mane and she would try and comfort you with a nuzzle and a soft nicker.  She introduced me to the Maar-Ree lines for which I will be forever grateful.  She had an elegant presence that had to be experienced to understand.  She graced our pastures for far too short of time.  When she passed she took part of my heart with her. Cameo Careeka