Asil                                              Al Khamsa                                       Straight Egyptian Welcome   * Copyright 2012  All rights reserved.  Photos, text,and designs may not be reproduced without prior written consent. Last update May 2014 Links We are a small farm dedicated to loving and breeding quality Arabians. We concentrate on carefully matching phenotypes, bloodlines and strains of our mares with the stallions we choose. We chose our mares based on structure, athletic ability, beauty and “live in your tent” personality.  We believe an Arabian should be far more than just a beautiful horse.  It was bred to be a hardy breed willing and capable of almost any task put to it.  We love to ride our horses and have found them extremely easy to train and very eager to please. We currently have four mares of breeding age.  Three have sirelines to Ansata Ibn Halima (2 through El Hilal and 1 through El Halimaar), and one mare has a sireline to El Mareekh.  Two of our broodmares have a tail female to Malaka and two have a tail female to Maar Ree.